My dear Simone (song)

My dear Simone, Simone, Simone
I love, I feel you, I need you
My little baby girl
'Cause you'll be born
I just don't know when, but you'll

You're already in me
At least in my mind
And I'll feed you, hold you in my arms
And sing a sweet lullaby
Specially for you, my little Simone!

You can breath my air
You can eat my food
You can sleep and dance in me
In my belet, your house.

You'll be my child, my lovely girl
And I'll be your Mum
So, let me be
If you want me to be.

I sing not loud
'Cause this feels like a dream
And I don't want to wake up
I want us to let it be

My sweet lovely Simone, Simone!



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